With the development of maritime economy, technological progress and constant industrialization of marine areas, the need to protect the existing animated natural resources increases.

Ocean Sense is a company founded on the love and passion for the sea, aiming to cater to the growing demands for environmental preservation of the oceans.

Experience gained over the years working in the maritime industry allows us to meet the expectations of our clients. We value their time and focus on prompt completion and implementation of the projects.

In carrying out our projects we use both proven methods considered standard on a global scale, as well as innovative ideas arising from our passionate and professional approach to environmental preservation.

We pay particular attention to communication with our clients: to set goals and jointly strive to implement good environmental practices.

The mission of Ocean Sense is to care for the marine environment thereby enabling our clients to carry out investments at the highest professional level - in harmony with nature and in accordance with the current existing regulations.





Ocean Sense helps its clients carrying out investments under the legal requirements pertaining to the environmental preservation.

We know that our clients require professional environmental consultancy and support while conducting various offshore activities. Therefore, we go ahead to meet our clients’ expectations and support them with a qualified team of marine biology experts.

What we do is providing dedicated environmental surveys, consultancy and monitoring services for maritime industry, especially for oil and gas and renewable energy sector. We specialize in wildlife observation of the offshore activity areas by qualified and experienced Marine Mammal Observers (MMO), Seabird Observers (MMSO), Protected Species Observers (PSO) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Operators in accordance with applicable national, regional or sectoral guidelines and regulations to minimize the negative impact on marine environment.

Ocean Sense experts are people ready to take the toughest and most demanding tasks, even under extreme offshore conditions. They work with commitment and dedication, because they carry out not only the goals of our clients, but also pursue their own passion.

Members of our team have worldwide experience and hold the following certificates:

Marine Mammal Observer Training Course approved by JNCC

Passive Acoustic Monitoring Training
Protected Species Observer Training Course approved by BOEM/BSEE

STCW Basic Safety Training Certificate
Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training

Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training
Helicopter Underwater Escape and “Esc. Apparatus” Training

International Health Certificates


Our offer is addressed to every branch of maritime and offshore industry, especially for oil and gas, renewable energy sector, government agencies and non-government organizations.

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) reports

Monitoring services
Environmental surveys

Advisory & consultancy services
Supervision of qualified and independent marine biologists (incl. MMO, MMSO, PSO, PAM Operators, Benthologists, Ichthyologists, Ornithologists, Chiropterologists, etc.) for various offshore projects


If you have any inquiries or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.

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